[thelist] Dropdown list not retaining selected value

Himani Khisti hkhisti at oas.co.in
Fri Jun 10 07:07:54 CDT 2005

Hi List,

I'm working on a ASP.NET application.
I'm facing a very weird problem.(Every developer feels this before he finds solution!) I have a dropdown list on a panel (panel2) on extreme right (in 2nd <TD> of <Table>). The control hierarchy is: 
                <asp:Label> </asp:Label>

Need of the application is after a particular action has taken place, this whole panel be moved to a panel (panel1) on extreme left (in 1st <TD> of <Table>) of the page.
Everything works fine until all controls are moved from panel2 to panel1. After moving them I always get selectedindex of the dropdown as -1, right from the Page_Load event itself. SelectedIndexChanged event is fired though.

Can anyone help me??

Himani K

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