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John Corry lists at neoncowboy.com
Fri Jun 10 11:49:00 CDT 2005

> Its been awhile and I'm getting rusty.  I'm doing some 
> redirecting back to a php form page, its a pretty long form 
> so I dont want people to have to fill in all the stuff if 
> they missed one thing or even 30 things.  Anyway, I have a 
> checkbox with about 9 items they can check, and I want that 
> remembered, so I something like this.
> <input type="checkbox" name="housecond[]" value="1" <? if
> ($housecond=="1") print "checked" ?>>
> Yes I have done this before, but its friday and I have been 
> racing through this site for a friend.

Race faster with functions! (mind the wrap)

// string checkbox_field ([string name [, string value [, string label [,
string match]]]])

// This function returns an HTML checkbox field. The optional third argument
// will be included immediately after the checkbox field, and the pair
// is included inside a HTML <nobr> tag - meaning that they will be
// displayed together on the same line.  If the value of the
// second or third argument matches that of the fourth argument,
// the checkbox will be 'checked' (i.e., flipped on).

function checkbox_field ($name="", $value="", $label="", $match="")
	$checked = ($value == $match || $label == $match) ? "checked" : "";
	$output = <<<EOQ
<nobr><input type="checkbox" name="$name" value="$value" $checked>
	return $output;

So, to call this function:

<?= checkbox_field('housecond', $_POST['housecond'], '',

I need to rewrite my form element functions as a class for consistency with
my other HTML class stuff...but am sort of on the verge of using PEAR for
all this stuff.

When you get done racing and have a little time, do yourself a favor and
check out the HTML, form and table classes at PEAR. There are some very cool
tools for doing this kind of repetitive, arduous work over there.

Good luck,
John Corry

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