[thelist] ColdFusion and Contribute

Eddie Nolan eddie at nolans.net
Sat Jun 11 01:36:52 CDT 2005

This should be easy.  Considering this question concerns ColdFusion and
Contribute, I know many people have a simple answer. Just to be sure, I'll
explain. I'm an experienced ColdFusion Developer who wants to develop a site
with editing and file creation permissions for the client. Contribute is
supposed to be the solution to this.  I'm all clear on using Dreamweaver to
create templates and using Contribute to open templates or existing pages to
edit them.  The frightening issue is that Dreamweaver and Contribute don't
parse the ColdFusion code when you open them. So, assuming all of the images
and links on my master file use CF variables for paths, the pages don't
display correctly and everything downstream becomes a mess.

Does anyone -- oh please, anyone -- have any idea on how to make a perfectly
good CF script display properly in Contribute?  Please and thank you in

--- Kiwi

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