[thelist] [Photoshop] Simulating Bad Vision

D. Bruce Saurer g1notami at zoominternet.net
Sun Jun 12 23:14:50 CDT 2005

>>I haven't tried this, but would you get the desired effect by 
>>the image to a negative reresentation, applying Gaussian blur and then
>>converting it back to a positive representation?
> hi Chris,
> I don't see how that would be any different than applying a gaussian blur
> without the footwork of the negation.
> I think I found at least a few words to describe the effect.
> Bad vision is like the bright areas are exploding (bluring as it were) and
> the dark areas are then overtaken by the bright areas.  This text, such as
> times roman, kindly disappears from the background.  Highlights on pictures
> become more pronounced than dark areas and all the detail fades away.  All
> the blurring routines I've seen tend to uniformly blur light and dark areas.
> I was trying to come up with a graphical way to demonstrate this for a
> website dealing with vision, but I'm not sure if it'll be possible.

Try creating a luminance mask to isolate the target areas
then a combo of levels and gaussian blur


D. Bruce Saurer
Notami Image&Design
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