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Did you try the Photoshop "Blurred Vision" filter?  Sorry couldn't resist.
(Actually, I would think that someone somewhere has actually created such a

I was curious, so I Googled "blurred vision simulations" and also "photoshop
filters blurred vision".  I am sorry to report that my 21K connection has
caused me to abort any further research.  *sigh*

Not sure how much this will help (for ideas), but found this in a Google

Blurred Vision - Gimp's Blur Filters (Graphics Muse). Michael J. Hammel has
written a Graphics Muse tutorial
on how to use the various blur filters that will be packaged with gimp 1.2.
"Pixelize does to an image what a bottle of tequila does to your head -
makes things all blocky. Technically, pixelize is a low pass filter that
operates on the color components of a region bounded by the width specified
that is centered on the current pixel."

Here is a page with blurred vision simulation photos.  If this is what you
had in mind, perhaps an email to the webmaster of the site?

http://www.richmondeye.com/simulation.htm "Simulation of Eye Disorders"

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> I'm looking for a Photoshop filter (or sequence of filters) that I can
> apply
> to an image to simulate someone with bad vision looking at a picture or
> scene from a few feet away.  The built-in filters don't do blurry vision
> very well for a number of reasons.
> Any leads?
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