[thelist] Pop-up Blocker v. Opening a new window

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Mon Jun 13 13:39:15 CDT 2005


> From: T--
> > Further, your assertion that "we (me and the client)
> > like..." is meaningless. YOU (you and your client)
> > will not be the users of the site.  Unless your client
> > is renting equipment from himself?
> "We" do represent web users.  So, we consider our
> preferences, too.

The designer and client's preferences are usually taken into account when
there is insufficient information about the expected audience.

> [...] I believe that I did state that customers have not
> opposed the solution. [...]

All you know is what the customers that have dealt with the process had to
say.  You have no way of knowing what those that got frustrated and
abandoned it had to say about it.  The reality is that users vote with their
mouse.  If they don't like what they're seeing, experiencing, or asked to
do, they go elsewhere.  They won't even bother to tell you that they've left
or the reason why.

> [...] ...Moreover, the client does get to make the final
> decision.  (I have recommended both options.)

If educated properly, most, if not all, clients will make the right

> > Exactly. Which is why you should allow for the option,
> > and not force  the pop-up on me. I'm quite aware of
> > how to open my own additional windows.
> Ah, you wrote _"I'm aware"_.  Hmmm.  Good to know that
> you consider your _own_ desires/skill (but not others')
> to be a reasonable representation of all web users
> (even when not so implied).  ...Many people are not
> familiar with those browser controls  -- including my
> clients, my parents, my tailor, my dog walker, and
> so. [...]

As I've said in this thread once already, I'd be willing to wager that if
they don't know about these browser controls for opening new windows then
they're probably not comfortable having a new window opened on them.
Ironically, they'll become comfortable with multiple windows just about the
same time they learn to use the browser controls for opening multiple

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