[thelist] Photo Gallery Database Scheme

Michele Foster - WizarDev michele at wizardev.ca
Mon Jun 13 23:07:33 CDT 2005

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From: "Ron Dorman" <rwd at csi1st.net>

> Hey Michele,
> Have you checked out the Gallery projec <http://gallery.menalto.com/>t
> <http://gallery.menalto.com/>? It's free, open source, php & MySQL, so
> it will run on Win or Nix platforms. Handles sub ablums, and subs, and
> subs, etc. Even if you don't want to use the package for your project
> (it integrates nicely), you could look at the db scheme they use.

Hi Ron,

Yes,  I have Gallery running over there ...
http://mishka.ca/gallery/albums.php ... but since it was moved (not by me)
to another server, it no longer works.  :(

Aside from that, I want to build it for a few reasons ..

Experience - Want to learn how to use ASPUpload and ASPImage (biggest
challenge so far is figuring out how to upload more than one file).

Comments - A bunch of idiots comment spammed my gallery, there were ~300
useless comments on my pictures, for over a month, before I noticed it.  If
I'm going to have comments, I'd like to be notified.  This really upset me,
and I was able to figure out how to turn the comments off everywhere.

If I build it, I can add whatever functionality I want, and build upon the
project as time/needs arise.

I will never have to worry about moving my site again, or upgrading
software.  I will have complete control over it, and even be able to run it
locally, or from a CD (for viewing), instead of relying on 3rd party
software to make it work.

All of that said ... I *want* to build it ... I may still end up getting
frustrated with it, and saying to hell with it and trying to install Gallery
on my other host.  :)   Will depend on work load, and my desire to get the
pics from my new camera on line.. hehe.

Thanks for the suggestion though, Gallery is a good program ... I just
figure since I need to move it to another host, I should build something I


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