[thelist] FUN: How widely used is each web technology?

Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Mon Jun 13 23:08:32 CDT 2005

It is quite common nowadays to use the number of results in a Google search to prove how popular a word is compared to other words, or a spelling is compared to an alternate spelling. There is even a website called Google Fight that allows you to directly compare two results, in a fun interface (for example Marilyn Monroe beats Marilyn Manson 2,330,000 to 1,290,000).

So, I wondered, how popular (according to Google) are each of the web technologies? In particular, how popular are each of the different standards released by the W3.org? How popular are each of the languages that W3schools have tutorials for? The reason being, that the W3.org have a history of releasing standards that are ignored by the majority of developers, e.g. SMIL. Can we see which ones are actually used in the real world?

Well here you go, here's most of the web languages here... some surprises for me were the low placing of ColdFusion and VBScript ... 

Web Technology       	No. of results on Google (determined 14th June 2005)
HTML 	1,470,000,000
RSS 	269,000,000
ASP 	269,000,000
PHP 	242,000,000
XML 	190,000,000
Java 	123,000,000
Flash 	116,000,000
JavaScript 	101,000,000
CGI 	99,100,000
CSS 	72,600,000
JSP 	72,000,000
XHTML 	47,300,000
Perl 	43,300,000
SQL 	31,300,000
RDF 	19,100,000
DOM 	17,600,000
PICS 	13,400,000
WAP 	13,300,000
PNG 	10,300,000
XSLT 	8,270,000
DTD 	7,750,000
XSL 	7,260,000
DHTML 	6,550,000
ColdFusion 	6,150,000
SVG 	5,700,000
ADO 	4,680,000
WML 	3,290,000
XPath 	3,070,000
VBScript 	2,320,000
VRML 	1,620,000
SMIL 	1,070,000
JScript 	934,000
XQuery 	932,000
MathML 	708,000
XLink 	670,000
P3P 	667,000
XForms 	579,000
XSL-FO 	569,000
ECMAScript 	412,000
XPointer 	317,000
WMLScript 	90,600
CC/PP 	62,000
InkML 	4,420

original post from: http://blog.stuart.cpanel.unitec.ac.nz/ but I don't really recommend this blog, it is really for my students.


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