[thelist] FUN: How widely used is each web technology?

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Tue Jun 14 10:35:52 CDT 2005

Message from Maximillian Schwanekamp (6/14/2005 01:27 AM)

>Stuart Young wrote:
> > So, I wondered, how popular (according to Google) are each of the web 
> technologies?
> > RSS   269,000,000
> > JavaScript    101,000,000
> > CSS   72,600,000
>Hm, I have a hard time believing that RSS is more popular than
>Javascript or CSS (or for that matter PHP and "ASP" (cf Matt's reply)).

Every single person who has an RSS feed on their site would probably have 
the letters "RSS"  on there somewhere. Perhaps that accounts for the 


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