[thelist] sql Notes field display

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Jun 15 18:47:54 CDT 2005

You should have a Case table, and a CaseNotes table, and relate the notes to
the cases via a CaseID field (which would be a primary key in the Cases
table, and a Foreign Key in the CaseNotes table).

This is database design 101 - could I suggest you get a book/resource that
covers ER (entity-relationship) modelling and normalisation? The way you are
proposing to do this will cause you no end of issues down the track IMHO.


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: From: thelist-bounces at lists.evolt.org [mailto:thelist-
: bounces at lists.evolt.org] On Behalf Of Brian Delaney
: Subject: [thelist] sql Notes field display
: I have a app that the users need to add notes to the table daily until
: the case is closed.
: I am looking for suggestions on how to handle this.
: My first solution:
: Post the first set of notes with some kind of ending character or
: sequence with a date attached.
: When the rs("field") is read look for the character or sequence and
: display with ASP the previous notes, then read the next set and display
: with date then start a new text field for present notes.
: I would like a sample of asp code reading a rs("field") looking for
: character sequence and displaying it with asp.
: Any other suggestions will be appreciated.
: I use ASP/Javascript/ SQL 2000/ IIS

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