[thelist] CSS-Only Forms That Don't Suck

Maximillian Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Thu Jun 16 02:21:38 CDT 2005

Jeff Howden wrote:
> ...burdened by
> browser-x-be-damned mentalities, required JavaScript, or just downright
> crap.

> For those so inclined, feel free to comment on accessibility and/or
> usability issues you see.  That is not my main focus at the moment (it will
> be addressed once the CSS kinks are entirely worked out), but I do welcome
> the feedback.

If you take off display: block from
form div input, form div select, form div textarea {...}
then you can remove the left-margin from form div label {...}, and it
should display OK in Safari (though Mac IE 5 will still display it
ugly).  I put up a highly-simplified version[0].

On the usability/accessibility side, in addition to what others said
1. On a larger screen (1280x1024 and up) the submit button is wayyy off
to the right, kindof hiding.
2. Accesskeys are of dubious value for forms[1].

[0] http://neptunewebworks.com/evolt/howden.html
[1] http://www.wats.ca/articles/accesskeys/19
Maximillian Von Schwanekamp

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