[thelist] Reminder/Task Software

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Thu Jun 16 04:07:56 CDT 2005

Hershel Robinson wrote:

> I recently switched from Outlook 2000 to Thunderbird for my mail 
> client. Overall, I am happy with Thunderbird. The one feature I am not 
> happy with is the reminders in the calendar--I need to open the 
> calendar each day and leave it open or the reminders don't fire. I 
> furthermore don't like the interface of the reminders and the snooze 
> feature doesn't work for me correctly. 

Not software, but web-based personal organiser - backpackit.com

Very simple, very effective.

 From 37 Signals - it has reminders both through email and sms, and is 
rather cool; features like support for adding content via email may be 
useful to many.

I have no connection with them.




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