[thelist] possible jscript/php/frames question!!

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 18 00:44:34 CDT 2005


i checked out your sample app... it might work...

i could create a separate/2nd page and do the post to that page, and store
the x/y coordinates in a session array... on the 2nd page, i could also
encrypt the information before i store it, i could then display the array on
the 1st page, much like what you do....

 -could i access the POST information as $submit_x/$submit_y, and why? what
in PHP gives me these variables? you do an extract. is that a PHP function,
or one of your own creation?
-does this test app give different results if the user is scrolling? does
the test work on all browsers? a quick test seems to indicate that scrolling
doesn't affect the results, and a test on IE/Firefox seems to give similar

so, if the questions/issues i raised are positive, then my next issue is to
determine how to go about creating a process to build image maps(images)
comprised of the random shapes that i initially discussed....

if this is reasonably doable, this should give me the ability to create an
image comprised of random shapes... have the user select the items in the
image, with me storing the (x.y) coordinate locations, being able to encrypt
them, and then sending the information/array back to the server...

any thoughts/comments/etc...



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bruce wrote:
> if i have something like the code listed, where would the submit/form
> keep in mind, i want to have the uer select a number of points, capture
> information in an array, and then send the array to the server?

Sorry Bruce, I was merely clarifying (I thought) Chris's reply.  I
missed the "a number of points" part.  I thought you just meant you
wanted the coordinates for *a* click.  To illustrate:

Prolly much more simplistic than you had in mind.  Sorry about that.  :(
Maximillian Von Schwanekamp

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