[thelist] Reverse Engineering Tool For Legacy (Cobol) System

Glenn Thompson gp_thompsonca at yahoo.ca
Sat Jun 18 03:17:49 CDT 2005

This request has 2 parts:

1) I am looking for a good tool which will allow me to reverse engineer
old cobol source code to extract business rules and convert to another
language, such as Java or C++. As well, it would hopefully be able to
produce documentation of both the existing system and in the new
language (eg: Flowchart or Nassi-Schneiderman Diagram of current Cobol
module(s) and Use Case or other documentation)

2) I found what potentially looked like a good tool at
http://www.scandura.com called Flexsys, but when I finally got client
approval to see about purchasing the tool(s), the site is apparently no
longer available. It comes up on Google and other search engines, but I
cannot access it. Does anyone know if there is an internet problem in
that area (Narberth, Pa.) or if the company folded?

Thanks in advance.

Glenn Thompson

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