[thelist] possible jscript/php/frames question!!

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Sat Jun 18 22:43:22 CDT 2005

What is the purpose of "encrypting" the co-ordinates? If it's to stop someone
between the client and the server from seeing and/or intercepting the data,
then we have something called "SSL" which is eminently suited to this task.


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: max...
: btw, i finally was able to check out your app, while you're not able to
: see
: the 'query/post' information on the url browser window, it can be seen via
: a
: plugin/sniffer.
: i suspect that your thought regarding flash is probably the way to go...
: so,
: now i need a flash guru!!!
: if flash would take care of the mouse clicks/capturing the mouse clicks
: and
: encrypting them prior to the coordinates being sent back to the server,
: this
: would solve the mouse/location issue...
: -bruce
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: bruce wrote:
: > i checked out your sample app... it might work...
: >
: > i could create a separate/2nd page and do the post to that page, and
: store
: > the x/y coordinates in a session array... on the 2nd page, i could also
: > encrypt the information before i store it, i could then display the
: array
: on
: > the 1st page, much like what you do....
: >
: > questions:
: >  -could i access the POST information as $submit_x/$submit_y, and why?
: what
: > in PHP gives me these variables? you do an extract. is that a PHP
: function,
: > or one of your own creation?
: PHP function. Mainly useful when you're putting array values into a
: string.
: http://us2.php.net/extract
: > -does this test app give different results if the user is scrolling?
: does
: > the test work on all browsers? a quick test seems to indicate that
: scrolling
: > doesn't affect the results, and a test on IE/Firefox seems to give
: similar
: > results...
: No. This is pretty basic HTML stuff.  The x/y bit is in the spec.  See
: "image" type at:
: http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/interact/forms.html#input-control-types
: > so, if the questions/issues i raised are positive, then my next issue is
: to
: > determine how to go about creating a process to build image maps(images)
: > comprised of the random shapes that i initially discussed....
: Random shapes?  I don't recall you mentioning that earlier in the
: thread.  If you need to generate shapes on the fly, you'll need image
: generation, which is usually non-trivial.
: http://us2.php.net/manual/en/ref.image.php
: You might check out one of the image classes at phpclasses.org.  I
: believe there are a few classes to make generating shapes a simple
: matter.  You could then send an image map to match the points you used
: to create the shape.
: > if this is reasonably doable, this should give me the ability to create
: an
: > image comprised of random shapes... have the user select the items in
: the
: > image, with me storing the (x.y) coordinate locations, being able to
: encrypt
: > them, and then sending the information/array back to the server...
: If you're creating random images on the fly, and need the user to be
: able to click multiple points, and then take all that info and post it
: somewhere, you should probably go to Flash instead.  What you're
: decribing sounds a lot like a real basic Flash game (something like
: "shoot the woozle").  You could still collect the info and send it to a
: php script for processing.
: It would help to have some idea of what you're trying to accomplish.
: Can you give us some more info?

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