[thelist] Browser-based File Management Software

VOLKAN ÖZÇELİK volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 16:38:56 CDT 2005

We had implemented an app that works with 50-meg files.

RFC HTTP post method will overkill after 10Meg file size.

I've not examined the systems but if they are web-based they should
have use RFC Multipart Form Data post (or whatever technical name it

I have several suggestions in this case:

1. describe your clients how to use an FTP program. (it's not the
hardest thing in the world. you can browse ftp sites even with IE, not
requiring an additional sofware)

2. get a open-source ftp applet and modify it to suit your need.
(which would require users to have JRE plus other security issues: You
need to write a security policy file, need to sign your code with jar
signer etc)

3. devise a progressbar and give feedback to users on how much of the
file has been uploaded. Any progressbar implementation will increase
the actual download time, but users psychologically want to perceive
that something is going on there.
(looking at the progress indicators is fun, isn't it :) )

In the 50+ meg case what we have done was #3.

imho both approaches are equally difficult.

Choose your destiny! :)


On 6/21/05, Dan Leonard <dan at canopyroad.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a Web client who's a record producer. He's wanting a "Client Area"
> where his "ftp-challenged" clients can download and upload their MP3
> files. His Web host's environment:
> Red Hat Linux
> Apache 1.3.33
> Perl 5.8.1
> PHP 4.3.10
> MySQL databases
> I've installed 2 different PHP-based file management systems:
> PHPFM (http://phpfm.zalon.dk/)
> Invision Power File Manager (http://www.invisionfilemanager.com/)
> Both systems do a great job for him as long as file size is 5 MBs or less.
> Anything over that and he gets an error message saying, "The document
> contains no data." He's been testing it with a file that's about 8 MBs.
> When I try uploading the file from my machine, it uploads okay (after
> about 2.5 minutes).
> My initial guess was that it was a timeout issue. Using ini_set in an
> .htaccess file, I increased max_execution_time, max_input_time, and
> set_time_limit to 300 seconds. I increased post_max_size to 12 MBs and
> max_upload_size to 10 MBs. Still no go for him. It's my understanding that
> the Apache server has a timeout setting that may be the culprit.
> Does anyone know of a better file-management solution? Would a Perl-based
> solution be any better at handling large file uploads?
> Thanks for any light you can shed on the subject!
> -Dan
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