[thelist] Re: Browser-based File Management Software

Chris evolt at axe.dircon.co.uk
Wed Jun 22 06:19:58 CDT 2005

 >> He's wanting a "Client Area" where his "ftp-challenged" clients can
 >> download and upload their MP3 files.
 >> ....
 >> Does anyone know of a better file-management solution?

We faced the exact same problem: maybe you could check out a Java FTP 

There are some here, but Google will no doubt be able to dig up more.


I haven't used any of these in earnest, but I demoed a few and they 
seemed good. They're not all free. With an FTP connection (as opposed to 
HTTP) I believe your users won't experience these time-out issues.


PS We've decided in the end, for various authentication/SLA reasons, to 
go for a hand-rolled executable we will distribute to our client base.

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