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I hadn't explored this particular option.  A cursor scan through PayPal's
documentation revealed this (much to my chagrin):

Website Payments Pro must be integrated on your website in the following
ways. You must:

1. Present the PayPal Express Checkout button and associated messaging
before requesting shipping address, billing address, and financial
information. PayPal account holders should not be required enter any of this
information on your website, because the information is available from their
PayPal accounts. See "Placement of the Express Checkout Button" on page 47.

2. Display PayPal as an option along side other payment methods, wherever
other payment methods are offered. See "Placement of PayPal With Other
Payment Methods" on page 50.

3. Give PayPal users the option to checkout without logging into your store

4. Present the PayPal mark graphic wherever other payment marks are

I'm not real keen when card processors start dictating the business rules of
a store (eg, rule number 3).

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