[thelist] Secure SSL SMTP / POP3

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Jun 22 18:08:41 CDT 2005

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: Subject: [thelist] Secure SSL SMTP / POP3
: Any recommendations for a SSL SMTP / POP3 service?
: Sam

What do you mean by "secure"? Secure against what?

Do you want to sign communications to help prevent tampering? (e.g. using MD5

Do you want to encrypt the contents (payload) of a message (e.g. using PGP or

Do you want to encrypt the entire SMTP or POP3 conversation (e.g. using TLS
or similar)?

Security isn't "easy" - if it was, we'd all be secure. You need to start by
identifying exactly what you're trying to achieve. What do you want to be
secure against? Tampering, eavesdropping? etc



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