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Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Thu Jun 23 18:53:22 CDT 2005


> From: Matthew Lewis
> To start with, I'll definitely be using some flavor of
> Linux, as I wouldn't touch IIS with a ten foot pole
> after all the bad things I've heard about it.  I've
> heard that a Linux/Apahce/Cpanel/WHM setup, if 
> kept patched, is pretty well locked down without the
> admin needing to know much about server administration.
> Is this true?

No.  What's true is that the security of the server and the
software/applications installed on said server are only as good/bad as the
administrator administering it.  So, forget everything you've heard, read,
dreamt, etc. about Linux, Apache, IIS, etc. as it's all rubbish.  Any of the
software from the big players can be locked down to whatever level of
real-world security you need.  You just need to get as familiar with the
software and the various resources online to do it, no matter the vendor.

 [>] Jeff Howden
     jeff at jeffhowden.com

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