[thelist] site check

ben morrison morrison.ben at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 10:49:38 CDT 2005

> It doesn't need a static width. It needs to utilize a powerful strength
> of the web, adaptable fluidity. It isn't paper. Viewports and users vary
> by orders of magnitude. One "size" cannot fit all.

Currently the site isn't like paper at all, it increases width when
font sizes are increased to help legibility, so it is in fact highly
adaptable. However due to viewports there will be some users who would
prefer larger font sizes but need the site to fit into 800x600 so a
fixed width option is also neccessary.

> If the text is big enough to start with; a switcher is unnecessary;
> people can get right on with the business at hand. OTOH, if there is a
> switcher on a site with too small text (i.e. not using the visitors
> default), the switcher probably won't be big enough to find before
> frustration makes the visitor leave yet another site that thinks it
> knows better than me what size text I can read. My default is perfect,
> thank you very much.

default size maybe fine for you, but it isnt fine for all users and
especially clients. browsers have also come with different font sizes
as the default. There are lots of users who do not know that you can
change font sizes hence a swicther is neccessary, also users who could
benefit from high contrast colours.

the swicther will be the 2nd item on the page next to the logo so will
be easy to find.


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