[thelist] Web Host: 2005

Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Fri Jun 24 13:41:08 CDT 2005

Wow, Christopher Lee!  I didn't know you did web development too...

   For what it's worth, I've had excellent experience with CrystalTech ( www.crystaltech.com ); they have great uptime, a fantastic array of administrative tools, and very responsive service.  Also their prices are about as low as you can expect for good performance from a Windows host.  I host all my sites with them (and I get ten bucks if you say I referred you, but either way they're a great host).

   A bit more pricey would be ORCSweb ( www.orcsweb.com ) and they don't seem to give as much control to the developer; you'd have to decide if they're worth the extra cost, but I've used them in the past and their service is excellent.



 From: "Rikter Web Design" support at rikter.com

June 24, 2005

Hi Folks:

Since web host reliability often changes from year to year, I was wondering
if anyone had any recommendations or horror hosts to watch out for.

I am looking for a Win 2003 / MS SQL Server web host for a few 250MB client
sites with ecommerce.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Christopher Lee
Web Developer

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