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They would be my last choice. I rented two sites, one Unix and one Win for 
testing. They have a year contract, well sort of. I signed up on July 12 
(07/12) - a year and 5 months later I get notice my year is up on Dec 7 
(12/07). Sure I got a free 6 months out of them when they moved billing 
from Australia to Denver  but an equal number of people got short billed 
too. I remember frantic emails from them - "Don't worry! Everything's cool! 
We've chartered an airplane to fly all of the servers from Denver to San 
Francisco. You'll only be down for 2 days!"

They might know something about Win servers but they haven't a clue about 
their Unix Apache servers. A month of negotiations with their tech support 
chief over how to make them secure enough to run PHP and what did they do? 
Fired him instead of fix the problem on multiple servers. Any PHP/MySQL 
driven site can be defaced by anyone else that has a domain on the same 

Look at their list of installed Perl Modules for both Win and Unix - only a 
drunk or a paranoid would use those two entirely different lists instead of 
the default Standard Distributions. Their philosophy screams - When in 
doubt, cripple the server and hope that does something meaningfull.

cache at dowebs.com 

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