[thelist] Help!

Jonathan j at firebright.com
Mon Jun 27 10:47:15 CDT 2005

Hey all:

I'm implementing a quick portfolio site, and I need some help!  I just 
found out my company is going out of business, and I've got to get this 
site up quick. ;-)  I've got an interview at 1pm PST today. ;-)

http://workhabit.com/resume.php <http://workhabit.com/template_clean.html>

The gapping at the top of the page is absolutely throwing me for a loop 
at the moment.  I'm sure it's something obvious, but I've invested 2 
hours into trying to find it, and I'm sure it's just eluding me. There 
is a 20px margin-top on the navs, and I'm just not seeing it.

Does anyone know what could be causing it?  Any thoughts?

I would also appreciate any comments on the actual code before I 
implement this into php... always looking to improve the quality of my 
XHTML development. 

Thanks in advance.



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