[thelist] phantom php.ini (on winxp)

Sam Foster sam at sam-i-am.com
Thu Jun 30 01:03:54 CDT 2005

Does the Configuration File (php.ini) Path output by phpinfo() actually 
mean anything on a windows machine? It says my php.ini is in c:\windows. 
Its not. Actually I've removed every php.ini I can find (searching all 
directories in my path, as well as c:\php5 .. in fact I did a find 
across all localdrives for good meaure.).. when I restart Apache - php 
is still running. My apache httpd.conf by the way uses the SETENV 
directive to point it at c:\php5.  (SetEnv PHPRC C:/php5)

So (having restored my c:\php5\php.ini from the php.ini-dist) I'm now 
very confused about how to configure php as it seems to ignore anything 
I do... most annoyingly the uncommenting the mysql module lines which 
would enable that rather useful functionality.

I've read and re-read the docs, but I'm surely missing something here.. 
Can anyone confirm/deny any of the above and point me back in the right 
direction. I'm really hoping for a head slapping moment here, what I'm 
looking at just makes no sense at all.

more info: php5 was a manual install, following the instructions for a 
windows machine. I have also had php4 on that machine. I've since moved 
it though. The exact error I get is the
Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
..which is what first had me checking to see it was taking my config 
changes in php.ini. Since then I've tried switcing any number of the 
other config options, and none show up as changes in phpinfo() output. 
for the record I've also tried moving the php_mysql.dll and 
php_mysqli.dll files into every potentially useful place too...


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