[thelist] Email address hiding question

David Bailey dab.hand at xtra.co.nz
Fri Jul 1 06:02:18 CDT 2005

Hi Maximillian,

Thanks for your question. As I've been researching the matter today, your
point has become more apparent.

I have several client's sites, however, where they have requested both an
online form as well as their other contact details (often including several
email addresses‹> sales, accounts, webmaster etc etc).

Because of SPAM problems and my research of the possible solutions I have
come to the conclusion that I will try and persuade clients to use a form
and use a dropdown list containing each email address if that's required. I
guess, if the client wishes to merely provide email contact details for the
user's future use, then it doesn't require a link, so could use a graphic.
Nevertheless, should the client still require active links, I can offer the
options I've been researching; I can put the case for each option.


> Out of curiosity, is there some reason you don't just use a contact form
> instead of a mailto?  No spam harvesting, easily made accessible for
> users with and without JS.
> -- 
> Maximillian Von Schwanekamp
> http://www.neptunewebworks.com/

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