[thelist] IE / Excel / VB.Net / Word

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Fri Jul 1 08:27:17 CDT 2005

	Maybe with more information on the process, we could at least
get you pointed in the right direction.

Well, step one is a questionnaire (excel). The user gives answers in dollar
amounts or a "y" or "no" answers. Then after a series of IF's and
calculations, you click a button called "Make Offer". This takes all the
inputs from the question and creates a word document/offer that can be given
to an owner of a property. He basically got tired of spending days on end
analyzing one property, and created this "software" to all him to make an
educated decision in 3 minutes or less. 

He wants to sell this software and I wanted to help. The problem I see with
having it it's current format is that it is easily redistributable.
Placing/Translating it into a VB.Net app and allow the user to create the
offers within the program is a much better solution for his needs.

Does this help?

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