[thelist] Domain forwarding

patrick pms at stoutstreet.com
Sat Jul 2 08:58:32 CDT 2005

fstorr wrote:
> Hi all
> This might be a noob question, and also slightly off topic; if so,  I'll
> owe a tip.
> My brother has bought .com and a .co.uk domains for himself and  hosting
> for just the .co.uk one.  Is it possible to forward the .com  domain to
> the .co.uk one without buying hosting for it?
> Regards
> F

Yes, this is totally do-able. My host (which I happen to be lucky enough
to own) provides this for free. Our limitation is the aliased domain
will not have email (that requires a separate account).

There's another thing -- let your host know if it's an
	alias -- just points to same web site
	domain -- points to a folder in the web space and is a separate site


patrick sanders
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