[thelist] Remote Desktop Client on XP Home?

Jono Young jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com
Mon Jul 4 08:20:48 CDT 2005

I need a bit of help with a PC running XP Home.  I bought a low-end  
Dell a few weeks ago for the sole purpose of testing websites in IE 5 
+  The Dell came with XP Home Edition installed.  Recently, I  
discovered that I can install Remote Desktop on my Mac so that I can  
run and test IE 5+ (on the PC) right from my Mac's desktop.  Cool!  I  
don't even need to use the PC to test those browsers, or do I?   
Apparently only XP Professional can run Remote Desktop Services, so  
it looks like I cannot use Remote Desktop on my MAc to access PC  

Does anyone have a suggestion?  Are there Shareware/Freeware  
applications for XP Home that do the same thing?  I know very little  
about XP Home as an operating system, I am a long time Mac user, and  
pretty much bought a $200 version of Internet Explorer when I  
purchased this Dell.  Virtual PC is an option, but I really, really,  
don't want to but that on my Mac.  There must be another option, I  
just am unfamiliar with it at this point, right?

Remote Desktop info for XP:

Remote Desktop Client for Mac:

Anybody else out there have a similar setup that works for them, or a  
good suggestion?


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