[thelist] x-cart vs zen-cart

Emily Tarrant emily.tarrant at dsl.pipex.com
Wed Jul 6 11:34:47 CDT 2005

fstorr wrote:

> Zen cart is tables, tables, tables.  There's a CSS template set  
> available but clearly marked with an "experimental, do not use on a  
> production site" notice.  If you want to hack it to be standards  
> compliant, you're in for a big, big job.  I started doing it and then  
> gave up.
> Regards
> F
Hmmm, yes I'd noticed the tables, but thought that there was hope with 
the css template set. Do tables necessarily mean not standards 
compliant? Yes, I know all the pros and cons about css vs table-based 
design - I'm not trying to start a holy war. I'm one of the converted! 
But a tables-based site can still have valid markup. I use XHTML plus 
CSS for all my current designs (not a table-based layout in sight), but 
I do need to make some decisions about how to handle ecommerce. I've 
(probably foolishly) been hoping that an open source solution would be 
better than a commercial package. Are there any better solutions? I'm 
willing to give anything a go at this stage.


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