[thelist] Re: x-cart vs zen-cart

Darin Lang d at doolang.com
Wed Jul 6 19:10:51 CDT 2005

I have used Zen Cart and found it to have great support and a large 
active developer community that is in the progress of addressing these 
few complaints mentioned, about tables being incorporated in the output 
and messing up the pure CSS template. I found it far more flexible and 
easier than x-cart, cube cart, fish cart, oss commerce, miva, shopsite 
and any of the other carts i have used over the years.
Zen cart is incredibly customizable, and easy to get up and running 
with. You can see two zen cart stores at the link below, one wholesale, 
one retail.

Thank You,
Darin Lang
The WindTamer Flame Fortress

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