[thelist] CSS to draw box with image inside

Stefan Schwarzer st.schwarzer at geois.de
Thu Jul 7 02:13:50 CDT 2005


I have a problem with the CSS. In principal not too difficult, I'd  
thought. I just want that some text and an image stays within a box.  
But I don't know why, the photo always "leaves" the (red) box. (see  
screenshot attached) Any idea what I do wrong?

Thanks for your input.


     img {
         float: right;
         margin-left: 10px;
         margin-bottom: 10px;
         padding: 3px;
         border: 2px solid rgb(0, 0, 0);
         display: inline;

     .blogbody {
         font-family: georgia, serif;
         color: #333;
         font-size: 80%;
         font-weight: normal;
           background: #dd9;
           padding: 10px;
           display: block;
           border: 1px solid #f00;


<div class="blogbody">

<h3 class="title">  Endlich unterwegs&nbsp;</h3> <br />
   <img src="C899007769/E20050702135718/Media/DSC_0023_1.jpg"  
height="250" width="379" alt="" />  Da sind wir
   also endlich auch zu dritt mit dem Bus unterwegs. Die warmen  
   Temperaturen erlauben der Kleinen das "Nacktbaden" im Bus. Sie  
scheint's zu


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