[thelist] stupid PHP question

David Felton davidfelton at codemasters.com
Thu Jul 7 09:20:46 CDT 2005

This is what's known as the ternary conditional operator.

$row_count = is_array($row) ? count($row) : 0;

is the short-hand equivalent of:

if(is_array($row)) {
	$row_count = count($row);
} else {
	$row_count = 0;

You'll find a lot more info on it if you Google for "ternary conditional

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Hello All,

I have this function $array is a two dimensional array being retrieved from
a table):

   foreach ($array as $row)
     $row_count = is_array($row) ? count($row) : 0;
     if ($row_count > $max_cols)
        $max_cols = $row_count;

What I don't understand is the syntax of this line:

	$row_count = is_array($row) ? count($row) : 0;

I have spent hours looking through my PHP books, but can't find it. Can
someone please explain what the question mark is doing? And the count($row)
: 0?

Sorry, I know this is a dumb question.


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