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Jeff Wilhelm thelist at summit7solutions.com
Fri Jul 8 10:59:40 CDT 2005

When I'm mobile I use SprintPCS' data network to stay connected. You can get
a PCMCIA card for a laptop, although I connect via Bluetooth to my Treo 650.
Both work well. Not the fastest currently, but with the EV-DO upgrades in
progress now, speeds will be rising quickly.


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> I am tired of going places, and finding I cannot hook up
> to an internet. 
> I've bought all the right equipment to be compatible with
> every environment. 
> But often I run into security stops. The host can't or
> won't let me hook my computer to their system. 
> Now I am looking into a wireless solution.
> I find I don't even know the vocabulary to search the web!
> Can someone tell me what service and what equipment I
> need to know about? 
> What urls might clarify this for me?
> Do I keep my home-based provider(Comcast), or will I
> replace my provider? 
> Also, can I assume any such solution also comes with a
> phone? 
> thanks
> Laura

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