[thelist] CVS-type solutions?

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Sun Jul 10 22:15:55 CDT 2005

Hi all,

we currently use (and pay for) an externally-hosted source code repository application which is turning into a slow, unreliable pain-in-the-rear to work with.

Current workflow is:
1. edit code and save into web-app.
2. test
3. select files to transfer to test server
4. web-app transfers files to test server
5. test
6. transfer files to live server via WinSCP

I've used CVS before and would love to have our own CVS server with all the simple check-in / check-out and rollback functionality. Unfortunately, due to depertmental infighting we are unable to have another server for CVS. (Don't ask)

I'd love to simply have a local server running (PHP/MySQL) but it is company policy to only use your shared drive for data store and only store applications on the local drive, so that's out of the question as our shared drives are only 200Mb and the site is around 1.5Gb.

Any ideas on how we can get rid of the third-party solution and still have ability to rollback code etc?


Paul Bennett
Web Coder
Web Centre
Wellington City Council
DDI: (04) 801 3284
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