[thelist] Photoshop > Colour washout on 'save for web'

Roberto Gorjão roberto at castelosnoar.com
Sun Jul 10 23:44:58 CDT 2005


Well, I’ll describe how I usually configure photoshop for the web work… 
I can only hope that it works for you too.

    * First set the color settings (menu edit) for Web Graphics
      Defaults. Notice if the RGB working space is sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and
      that the color management policies are all off.
    * After opening the image, make sure that it’s in RGB mode (menu
      image / mode)
    * In the view menu, make sure that proof colors is unchecked.
    * When saving for web, always use uncompensated color

That should be enough… If it is not, maybe you need to configure the 
adobe gamma control panel. You will find it in your windows control 
panel folder. Adobe Gamma is a panel installed by any of adobe’s 
applications. It can be quite useful for print jobs, but also a pain for 
web design… Anyway, using the simple version of the panel (not the wizard):

    * make sure that the color profile loaded in the Description field
      is sRGB IEC61966-2.1… If not, press load and load it.
    * Also try to set the phosphors accordingly to your monitor.
    * The gamma should be set to windows default: 2.20.
    * The white point should be set for your monitor’s default (if you
      don’t know it, press the measure button and try to guess it,
      preferably with your lights and windows shut) and adjusted to same
      as hardware.

If you’ve done all this and your problem persists you have two choices:

    * Delete the adobe gamma panel (if you don’t do print design, you’ll
      probably not miss it!)
    * Change to macromedia fireworks… to bad that it probably wont last
      much, as adobe has bought macromedia…

I really hope that this can help you out!

Roberto Gorjão


Paul Bennett wrote:

>yes, the Uncompensated Color was causing the colour drop (the 'proof colours' option didn't change anything it seems). I selected Windows Colour which brought the colour back up in the optimize window, but then dulled it down again in the exported image. I see now that the Uncompensated Color option does exactly what you said it would - shows you what the image will look like when saved.
>So my original question remains unanswered - how can I stop Photoshop doing this? The original image is nice and high-colour when viewed in a browser but the exported images from Photoshop are duuuuuull.
>Help! :)
>Hi Paul,
>My bets are in two different possibilities… Either you are:
>    * Using proof colours in the view menu: in that case, while you’re
>      editing, it will alter the image accordingly to what you’ve set up
>      in proof setup, in the same menu… but, the final output can be
>      quite different…
>    * Or, in your save for web dialog you have set an option in that
>      little menu with an arrow pointing to the right, just on the left
>      of the save button… I always use Uncompensated Color to see
>      exactly what I will get in a browser.
>And don’t forget to set your Color settings to “Web graphics defaults”…
>Hope that helps,
>Roberto Gorjão
>>Colours are fine in Photoshop UNTIL I go to 'save for web' or 'save as'. Then the colour appears washed out and altered slightly. No. it's not a JPEG setting as I've tried all file sizes and modes...
>>I've always found that PS would display colors in save as.. the same as when you're editing...

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