[thelist] Adding attributes for tags

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Tue Jul 12 13:25:09 CDT 2005

Roderick A. Anderson wrote:
> Thanks Christian.  This is what I was looking for.  A search for "custom 
> DTS" would have worked better than my fuzzy brain, late in the day ; 
> searching did.

Seems I should watch my fingers closer also. "DTD"!

>> http://www.alistapart.com/articles/customdtd/
>> http://www.alistapart.com/articles/scripttriggers/
>> If it is worth the hassle is up to you tough :-)
> Maybe not but I'll give it a look-see.  Since I use these routines , 
> fValidate , on lots of pages and am trying hard to clean up my ( and 
> others ) code it is worth the try.

I have looked it over but get the impression that I won't be able to 
validate it using one of web-based valdators.  There is mention of some 
other options.

So my question: are there any web-based valdators that will work with a 

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