[thelist] post vars not getting posted - NEVER MIND problem solved

Nan Harbison nan at heritageconcord.org
Mon Jul 18 00:32:39 CDT 2005

Sorry! I just figured out what was going on, pages were not being found
because they were in the wrong directory.

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Hi all,
My log in page used to work perfectly, then I downloaded a trial version of
a program called EnginSite Editor for PHP, and was playing around with it,
and somehow, when I thought I was downloading pages from the webhost, this
program uploaded files from my computer. I didn't touch the login in page,
but since this upload of my files, the log in page doesn't work. It is
supposed to return users to the page they were on after they chose to log
I have added to the log in page a print_r of the session and post variables,
neither are getting the post vars (which are supposed to become session
vars). I am also echoing the address of the page you are supposed to be
returned to, the previous page, but this isn't working. You can see this by
starting here, and choosing "post scores".


This is the code for the log in page:


$page_title = "Login" . TITLE_SEPARATOR . SITE_NAME;
$action = 'http://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
//IE and trailing slash compatibility
   $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] .= (substr($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], -1, 1) !=
'/') ? '/' : '';
   $action =  $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'];
if (isset($user->id) && $user->id > 0)
  echo "<p>You are already logged in as " . $user->username .".  To log in
under a different name, fill in the login form and submit it</p>";

<form method="post" class="loginForm" action="<?php echo $action;?>">
   <div class="nameRow"><span class="label">Username
</span></div></td><td><input class="nameField" type="text" name="username"
   <tr><td><div class="nameRow"><span class="label">Password
</span></div></td><td><input class="nameField" type="password"
name="password"  size="20"></td></tr>
   <tr><td><div class="buttonRow"><input class="buttonField" type="submit"
name="login" value="Log In"></div></td><td></td></tr></table>

Help! I don't understand what happened.  There are several files that have
classes in them, and a prepend.php file that has a lot of the configurations
in it, I don't think any of those were changed.

And second, can you suggest a better PHP editor, I looked at Zend, but it is
expensive. And I searched in Evolt for a discussion of PHP IDE programs, and
only found an article about Zend that was about 4 years old.



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