[thelist] Ruby on Rails - any developers out there? Question...

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 18 13:47:38 CDT 2005

Hey listers,

Anyone had a chance to do any real-word development (other than blogs mind you) with ruby on
rails? I have a client coming on board that I'm thinking might be the place to jump in on this.
He's going to want a news/events section that is updated as well as some client login areas -
nothing too super complicated but more involved than a basic blog.

Hosting shouldn't be an issue as I believe he will be doing the hosting on his own box so we can
install whatever we want.

I've watched a couple of the ruby on rails videos and they are pretty mindblowing. But he is only
making a basic blog. I'm wondering how tough it is to learn it and get running with it.

Also, it looks in the vids like he is using some kind of editor that recognizes shortcuts for the
rails (?) commands... I wonder what that is, and if there is a windows counterpart.




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