[thelist] Blog, that saves and displays the content sent by email

Markus Staas markus at staas.biz
Mon Jul 18 20:46:38 CDT 2005

Hi list,

I have seen a blog in which the owner could add new content by simply
sending an email to a specified address on the server, the contents of that
email would then be rendered, saved and displayed by the blog engine, but I
cannot remember the name of the blog, or there are even maybe more blogs
with such feature.

Can you help me out? Cheers,


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Subject: [thelist] Forums - integrated solution versus standalone

Hi there,
Does anyone know of any forums (basically just threaded discussions)
that are easily integrated into existing web systems?
We develop in a .net environment and would prefer .net, but basically,
beggars can't be choosers. :-P
Our biggest concern is around security, and integrating with our
existing security model, versus their own method.
Any ideas?

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