[thelist] current PHP: PEAR, etc?

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Tue Jul 19 12:31:47 CDT 2005

I haven't actively written or maintained any PHP projects in a number of 
years (since PHP4 was brand spankin new).

I haven't used PEAR and don't know what tools or libraries have really 
become ubiquitous since then.  Does anyone know of any web resources 
that specialize in disseminating the sort of information I will need in 
order to catch up on current trends?

I am not looking for a newbie guide.  I am not looking for a reference 
for PHP.  I am not looking for help in learning Object Oriented Design 
(I have been doing OO programming longer than PHP has been around).  I 
am looking for style and library guides.  I am particularly interested 
in seeing the models and libraries the PHP community has settled on 
using (FSVO settled) for organizing and writing server-side code.

I will also take recommendations for dead-tree format guides, but given 
the expected delivery time and investment necessary in those, I would 
like to find some web links to keep me engaged until the recommended 
books arrive.

Steve Lewis

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