[thelist] easy update facility

patrick pms at stoutstreet.com
Tue Jul 19 12:30:09 CDT 2005

emily tarrant wrote:
> Quoting Mark Rees <mrees at itsagoodprice.com>:
>>www.brinkster.com offer a hosting solution for $3/month which includes a
>>basic cms application (called website builder). I haven't tried it out in
>>depth but it looks like it might fit the bill for you. I host a site on
>>Brinkster but have no other connection with them.
> Thanks for the suggestion Mark, but I'm really keen to find something that
> allows me to be fully in control of the design of the site - so not based on
> templates. Am I expecting too much?

Have you considered something like Textpattern or WordPress?

And doing your own CMS-lite with PHP is not too difficult -- if you have
a bit of time and the desire to do it.


patrick sanders
web sites that fit

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