[thelist] ASP support going away?

Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Tue Jul 19 13:49:01 CDT 2005

   Depends on what you mean by "support".  Heck, MS barely supports ASP.NET 1.0 anymore, and 2.0 isn't even out yet!

   If you don't get a more satisfactory answer here, you might consider asking in a more MS-oriented development group, like http://aspfriends.com, http://forums.asp.net, or http://aspadvice.com .  Chances are that more people there are keeping abreast of the current support situations. 



 From: "Luther, Ron" ron.luther at hp.com

Hi Folks,

One of our infrastructure architects is making a claim that MS 
"will not be supporting ASP much longer since they are pushing 

Sounds kinda odd to me ... But is there any truth to that?

(I'm trying to make a claim that moving some of our REALLY 
REALLY old-school ASP reports [we're talking ASP 1.0 here 
folks - with radio buttons written as VB subroutines instead 
of form elements(!) - these boogers are something like 10+ years 
old] to a new .net server will take less maintenance effort 
to keep them running than rewriting them in a new technology 
that we will have to retrain our users in. 

Am I relatively on-track ... Or clueless as usual?)

Thanks Much,


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