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Steve Lewis wrote:
> (I have been doing OO programming longer than PHP has been around).  I

I would hope so! Learning OOP in PHP is not something I would suggest ;-)

> am looking for style and library guides.  I am particularly interested
> in seeing the models and libraries the PHP community has settled on
> using (FSVO settled) for organizing and writing server-side code.

I do not know of a site like you are searching for. Best I can produce
are google search results:


However, I was not impressed by the #1 hit.

Anyway, my favorite PEAR modules are PEAR::DB[1] and
PEAR::HTML_QuickForm[2]. Other than QuickForm, I tend to stay away
from the PEAR::HTML* packages and use Smarty[3] instead. I don't feel
like creating HTML elements in an OOP way fits into a typical
development environment. For example, what is the point of creating an
HTML table with PEAR::HTML_Table? Typically I am provided a template
from a designer. Converting that into a bunch of PEAR::HTML_Table
calls seems counterproductive when compared to the minimal changes
that are necessary to turn it into a Smarty template.

And, by the way, PEAR::HTML_QuickForm and Smarty play really nice
together. I use the combo whenever I can.

For more: http://pear.php.net/packages.php

There is a lot of good stuff in PEAR, but most of it is only
interesting to discuss if you have a specific need.

I would suggest also taking a look at the Horde framework[4] and the
binarycload framework[5], although I have not used the latter.

A bit more crazy would be Prado[6], Cake[7], and Seagull[8]. I have
done nothing with these except look into them.

[1] http://pear.php.net/package/DB
[2] http://pear.php.net/package/HTML_QuickForm
[3] http://smarty.php.net
[4] http://horde.org/
[5] http://www.binarycloud.com/
[6] http://www.xisc.com/
[7] http://sputnik.pl/cake/
[8] http://seagull.phpkitchen.com/

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