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Tue Jul 19 16:08:06 CDT 2005

I am in the midst of a nightmare issue with them.  I have about 40 domains
registered with them and when I registered them 1yr ago I had specifically
set all of them to manual renewal.   I just received 3 invoices for those 40
domains RENEWALS.     I emailed them, they eventually responded and told me
nothing really.  Basically, how to cancel a package.  

Now, the package thing...  Whatever it is, it is the most confusing thing I
have ever encountered.   Either that, or its so simple that I cant see it.
I have 40 domains, I bought them all at once and yet there are 3 packages of
domains on their system for some God-unknown reason.  One has 9 domains,
another 15 domains and the other 16 domains.  Whatever.   

I cant edit the details of any of the domains and they haven't responded to
any of my tech support questions which I submitted online.  The interface is
also, by far, one of the most confusing interfaces to manage domains that I
have ever seen in my life!   So just this morning, I asked them HOW I could
transfer them away from 1 & 1 to Godaddy where I have many other domains AND
I also have sites there.  I am done with them.  You really DO get what you
pay for, so beware.   So far, no answer from tech support.   Not sure it
even exists over there.    

Since I don't have an hosting services through 1 & 1, I cant say how that
will be for you.  But, if you go with them, tread carefully because it seems
they will not let you out of their grip.   I have had much experience with
Register.com, Network Solutions and Godaddy.   I like Godaddy the most.   If
you're looking for a good bit of database space as well as high transfer
volume - check out www.webhosting4life.com also.   

Lastly, if you go with 1&1 - good luck and I hope you have a much better
experience that I have been dealing with.


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I'm looking at moving my companies hosting to 1and1 and was looking
for opinons and horror stories, if any.

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