[thelist] easy update facility

Emily Tarrant emily.tarrant at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Jul 19 16:30:58 CDT 2005

Hassan Schroeder wrote:

> Steve Clason wrote:
>> If your client can spring for Contribute ($100?)and you have 
>> Dreamweaver, I've found that combination to work well for small sites.
> And if you *don't* have Dreamweaver and your client wants to use
> Contribute, be prepared for a learning curve creating a site that
> uses non-table-based markup that'll work with it...  :-)
Thanks for all the responses so far!

I do have Dreamweaver but don't use it (I'm a TextPad girl!). Is it the 
template/non-editable-area functions of Dreamweaver that I would 
particularly need to use Contribute? I've looked at Contribute briefly 
before and have been tempted by the promise not to mess with your 
coding, so it's definitely an option. My trial version ran out months 
ago though. Maybe I should invest in a copy to do some more extensive 
trials. I'll even make an effort to use Dreamweaver if there is really 
benefit to doing so in this situation.

Cheers for the help! I'm really keen to progress in my web design 
skills, but sometimes it can be difficult to know how to go about it.


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