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Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Tue Jul 19 17:28:50 CDT 2005

Emily Tarrant wrote:

> I do have Dreamweaver but don't use it (I'm a TextPad girl!). Is it the 
> template/non-editable-area functions of Dreamweaver that I would 
> particularly need to use Contribute? 

You can use that stuff pretty easily without Dreamweaver as long as
there's some templated pages for examples of the "tags" used.

The biggest problem is that there's a lot of valid CSS, particularly
positioning-related, that either kills Contribute's ability to show
the page as it looks while editing, or precludes editing content at

Using DW to create/administer a Contribute-maintained site offers
some slight management benefits, but with a single user that's not
probably very relevant.

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