[thelist] ASP support going away?

Ken Schaefer ken.schaefer at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 20:09:43 CDT 2005

On 7/20/05, Canfield, Joel <JCanfield at pacadvantage.org> wrote:
> > One of our infrastructure architects is making a claim that MS
> > "will not be supporting ASP much longer since they are pushing
> > .net".
> Define 'supporting'
> If I have a Win2K server, it'll run 'old' ASP. Nothing MS does will kill
> that.
> If I upgrade my server someday, who knows what scripting languages it'll
> support. On Win2K3 I can use .NET or 'old' ASP. On Win2K5, I suspect
> I'll have no choice (other than switch to UNIX and PHP, of course ;)

Support depends on what version of ASP we're talking about.
ASP v1.0 and v2.0 are no longer supported, because Windows NT is no
longer supported.

ASP v3.0 is still currently supported because Windows 2000 and Windows
2003 Server are still supported.

Support depends on what phase of the support cycle the product is in.
In the mainstream phase, bug fixes and security fixes are free. In the
extended phase security fixes are still available, but hotfixes are
paid, and depend on a business case being met.

There are no plans for ASP v4.0. v3 will be the last version of ASP.
However it will be available on Windows Longhorn Server (to be
delivered in 2006), so ASP will be around for quite some time.

> If I want tech support with my 'old' ASP infrastructure, I'll be calling
> a consultant, not MS.
If you need a hotfix, a consultant is not going to help you. There is
still a resource in the IIS Web Tools and Platforms team working on
ASP supportability, working on hotfixes for issues that clients face.


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