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Steve Bissonnette steve at plankdesign.com
Wed Jul 20 10:07:13 CDT 2005

Hello There!!

It¹s that time yet again! It¹s hiring time!

Plank (http://www.plankdesign.com) has just started interviewing prospective
designers to join our team. Our goal is to bring someone on staff ASAP for a
3 month contract with the expectation of full-time employment. (in-house in
Montréal ­ Sorry, no tele-commuting)

We are obviously looking for someone really talented and web focused. The
usual skills are necessary: Strong abilities in Photoshop & Illustrator. A
knowledge of any / all of the following is a big asset: Flash, Dreamweaver,

Most importantly, to fit in with the Plank team, we need someone with a
creative eye. Knowing the software and tools is fine, but we need someone
with a strong design sense. They need to love Fonts, Grids and RGB. They
have to dream about monitor resolutions, browsers and <div>¹s. They need to
need the Internet!

A good few years or professional experience or a graduate from a recognized
design programme is expected.

If you know someone who would fit that bill, please have them contact
warren at plankdesign.com.

steve bissonnette
steve at plankdesign.com

PLANK. A multi-faceted-media company.
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