[thelist] Funny tables in Firefox: height = 100%

Casey aspnet at thecrookstons.com
Wed Jul 20 11:50:14 CDT 2005

Got a simple (I hope) Firefox / IE question for ya.

Take a look at www.internetopus.com in both IE and Firefox (or Netscape).
Usually it's a case of something working in FF but not in IE, but this time
it's the opposite.  Notice how the table height behaves properly in IE but
is uneven in FF?  Visit a few other pages and it becomes even more painful.

The funny thing is, if you hit the refresh button in FF the problem goes
away. Weird.  I've played around for a while and not been able to whoop this
one... anyone want to give it a shot?  I'll treat you to a virtual-reality




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